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"T&Ns are my new addiction! I'm in them all day long and my feet don't seem to mind at all. I've gotten 5 pairs already and can't wait for you guys to come out with more colors! Please get some neon colors!!!"

-Nikki Romano

Found these shoes while browsing Facebook and got almost 40% off for their winter sale, absolutely thrilled about how well they fit me, my toes are not crammed together like the other flats like Tory. These flats give my toes enough wiggle room and I like how soft they feel. I bought 2 more colors after, worth every penny! 

-Ciara Kingman

I got a pair of these lovely flats for Christmas and my feet are in love with them! They are like little pillows on my feet. I wanted to add a personalized initial after I got them and their customer service team was so helpful and accommodating. Thanks Team T&N!

-Ashlie Rushtog

I saw my friend wearing these shoes at a wedding and loved how cute they look! I got myself a pair and I must say they are very comfortable. I have had them for over 3 months now and I love how well they fit me.

-Tina L

T&Ns have been on my birthday list for a while- $150 for a pair of flats is quite steep. I followed my heart and bought them for my 30th birthday. I have wide feet but I followed the size guide and found myself a good match. Team T&N please bring in more of the electric colors. Love your shoes <3

-Renata Javier

"They are comfortable shoes no doubt. They are definitely on the more expensive side."

-Ashley Sanchez 

I accidentally stumbled upon these shoes while browsing facebook and boy am I glad I did! Absolutely love everything about these flats. How cute are the customizable charms??? I typed in the wrong address and the customer service team was very helpful and quick in rectifying the issue. T&N you have found a new fan in me.

- Melanie Erricson

I totally found these by chance on Mercari when looking for Tieks. I got a great deal as they were worn once by the previous owner. I lucked out that they were black AND my size. The insole is so comfortable and the shoes themselves are gorgeous. I may wear with ped socks to avoid a little rubbing under my big toe ( my feet widened after kids). Overall, they are gorgeous and even at retail often less than Tieks!

-Alana Daniel

"Got these for myself last year, my daughter loved them so much, I had to get another pair. Tried the new suede ones, real soft."

- Sharmila C

I have flat feet, I got a size bigger and used an arch support. They fit in really well and are very comfortable. I used the Dr Schol arch support. This has been a game changer.

-       Kristina R

"I have been a big Tieks fan for the last couple of years. However, I recently saw an advertisement for T&N and decided to give them a try. I have to say, I am in love. As a teacher, I am on my feet all day. My T&N flats are beautiful and comfortable. I love the fit and the cushioned foot bed. The packaging when they arrived was beautiful as well! I can't wait to try another pair so I can customize them next time. You made a believer out of me!"

-Jennifer Nafziger

“I heard great things about these flats on a discussion board and decided to try them. I’ve had them for a little over 6 months now and they are still very comfortable. It only took a couple wears to break them in. I’m on my feet a lot and these are pretty alternatives for my clunky running shoes”

-Larissa Ramon

“ I have to say they have the best customer service! I had a question about the sizing and they were very patient with me and answered all my questions. I had to exchange my pair for a different color and they made the whole process so easy…Keep up the good work”

-Cristina Roni

“I found this brand on a facebook page im so glad I tried them out. I like how soft they feel and they hold up quite well”

-Enid Bart

“My boyfriend got me a pair for valentine’s day, I’ve bought 4 more pairs since hahaha these are my new favs”

-Rita Jenner

"I always wear flats, I pretty much have every flat there is. T&Ns are quickly rising to the top of my list of favourite flats. They are comfortable and reasonably priced for leather flats. "

-Donna Fin

"For a new brand, they seem pricey. Overall, a decent pair of flats"

- Fashionista Shopper82

"Move over Tieks, meet my new shoe obsession. It’s no secret that I am a fan of comfort, and these T&N beauties are the real deal. If you come home and immediately put your slippers on, you know the kind of comfort I am talking about. Now add in luxurious leather, a cushioned footbed, and (my favorite part) a non elastic heel and you’ve got yourself one winner of a comfortable shoe!

Comfort aside, the best detail of these flats are definitely the adorable personalization option. I chose to have my initials, but you can also choose to have a special date, or Greek lettering of your choice!"

- Jen Swans

"I love love love these flats! Purchased a T&N wedding set for me and my bridesmaids and they were so gorgeous! The engravings added a perfect touch of personalization to my bridesmaids' gifts. Can't wait to get my hands on some new colors!"

- Madison Somers

"Saw these flats on a blog I follow regularly. Oh My God! They are everything you can ask for! They are super comfortable and have the cutest details at the back of the shoe...I got mine engraved with my DOB .  The shoes run small so check their guide before you buy. I definitely see myself coming back for another colour. "

- Heather Lovegood

"T&N Collection is fabulous! My cousin bought me a pair of Gold T&Ns  and I have not taken them off ever since! These puppies are so freakin comfortable...I went ahead and got one in every color.  Great job with the no elastic near the heel guys!  Can't wait for your new colors.

- Rashonda Bynes

"Nice colors, but the size 9 dont fit me and they dont have sizes higher than that. Disappointing."

- Jackie M

"The chestnut color was a bit too dark, returned them. Hope you come out with a lighter shade of brown/ nude."

- Phyllis L

"I usually do not write reviews, but these deserve a lot of praise! I got a pair of these beautiful flats for my birthday. I got them engraved with my initials.  I am in love with them. The packaging is so gorgeous it gives Prada or LV a run for their money. I can not being to describe how comfortable these flats are, I think the insole is very similar to that of my running shoes...All in all a very comfortable shoe for such a reasonable price given that the entire shoe is made of leather!"

-Alexandria Ramos

"I love that they do not have any elastic near the heel. Most of my flats dig in after the first few hours, but not these. They are just as comfortable as they are pretty. I have one in each color and can't wait for them to release more."

-Tina Larry

"I'm a size 8 so I got a size 9 and it's perfect! It's not snug and not big either.....just perfect! I got the pretty blush color. The only thing is, I can't figure out how to put the flats in the bag! Please post a quick video on Instagram! I love my flats!!!"

-Ann P

"How cute are these flats?!?! I'm usually a heels girl but I could not resist these flats! I love the details on these shoes."

- Amelia R

"These shoes are different, they are funky yet classy. The sole is so whimsical but the charms add a touch of sophistication.What compelled me to buy them were the engravable charms. Very innovative. Like them so far!"

-Janet Yang

A gorgeous heel can send you into spasms of pain. Luxury and comfort just shouldn’t be that way. But that’s no longer the case with these beautiful, lighter than air pair of sweet little flats.  High fashion can’t get more comfy.

I have been dancing around, every where in my new T&N ballet flats. These shoes are so uniquely beautiful. The sole is a raised cushy footprint.  They are so soft, they feel like gorgeous little slippers.  They also offer little charms that allows you to personalize your shoes.  

- Alia (Little Mrs. Priss)

"My husband got me the Mauve pair for my birthday and I love how soft they feel! He even got them engraved with my initials which was super cute! I am a size 8,they were a bit snug when I got them but after a few wears they fit really well. Wore them all around New York and they seem to be holding up really well!"

- Sharmila

"I got the blush T&Ns in size 7. I usually wear a size 7, but I guess these shoes are not made with wide feet kept in mind. The size 7s were too tight for me. I requested for an exchange and went a size bigger. Love their customer service! I got my new pair within a week and they offered to personalize my shoes for free!"

- Angela


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